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Flores & Komodo
Explore the Extraordinary

Flores is home to various ethnic groups which are almost totally different from one to each other. Flores is a volcanic island which gives the island beautiful nature settings with soaring volcanoes and colourful crater lakes.



Discover the Sacreed Highlands

Hidden in the highlands of Sulawesi Island for centuries, Toraja kept its thousand years old civilisation alive. The work of Toraja civilisation can be easily seen on the Toraja architectures, daily life and the colourful mortuary related rites

TERNATE & the Spice Islands
Tracing the footprints of the Age of Discovery

Ternate - the Spice Island where the super powers at the Age of Discovery tried hard to gain control on the world's spice trading. It is why now,  one can find various fortress in good condtion standing almost around Ternate Island which are all guarded by the volcano of Mount Gamalama.

Explore the Land of MARAPU

Sumba is one of the islands in Indonesia which is very late to have contacted to the outside world. Sumba was almost neglected by the traders. The late interaction with outside world made Marapu - the Sumba Religion even exist until modern times. Marapu plays important role in Sumba daily life.

the New 7 Wonder of the World/ Nature

Komodo is a name of Giant Lizard from the Jusrassic Age which survives the harsh nature selection at the isolated islands on the Lesser Sunda islands at Komodo National Park. The islands of Komodo National Park offers supperb white sandy beaches and marvelous snorkeling and dive spots

Napu, Besoa and Bada Valley
The Lost Civilization of INDONESIA

Explore the mysterious statues and beautifully carved stone works at the plateaues of Sulawesi. No one knows who built them. They are built by the Lost Civilization. No written report, no significant legends told. Yet they are scattered in three different valleys. 

Tanjung Puting
The Home of Orangutan

Amids the rapid landscape change on the Island of Kalimantan or also known as Borneo, Tanjung Puting is a real natural habitat of Orangutan together with Bekantan or Proboscis Monkeys, various endemic birds and many more. Cruising Sekonyer River is like exploring Eden. Lush green rain forest with the named animals hovering around

Home of Tarsius Spectrum, endemic birds, etc

Tangkoko Nature Reserve is home to the smallest primate in the world. The easy trek into the jungle leads you to the home of endemic fauna of Sulawesi such as Tarsier or Tarsius Spectrum, black macaque - Macaca Nigra, Sulawesi hornbill and many more.

Sulawesi Island
K shape island never being part of any shelfs

It makes Sulawesi home to many of worlds endemic fauna. None of many Sulawesi fauna is exist in the other parts of the world. Drive from Makassar in the south, to Manado in the north takes you to a 2, 000 km road distance. Sulawesi gives you any attractions you desire, from the superb world class dive spots, to volcanoes to Genuine Ethnic Civilization of Indonesia

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