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Lamaholot Women in East Flores - Indonesia
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Flores Island


Flores Island is home to various ethnic groups which speaks at least 8 different languages live in the villages and hamlets scattered along this volcanic Island.


Despite the early contacts with the Iberians at the Age of Discovery back in 16th century, Flores people kept the thousand years old civilisation alive until up to internet age.


Exploring Flores from east to west is to experience being in the different ethnic groups in almost every 100 km road distance. Traditional villages with typical traditional houses are spread along the island. The cultural events and   tradions are well preserved.


Ikat weaving and supplementary weaving technics are practised by almost all the ethnic groups. The native Flores are proud wearing their hand woven  fabrics.


Natural settings of Flores Island is supperb. Soaring volcanoes, crater lakes, canyons and valleys along with beautiful beaches and islets with gorgoues coral reefs. Flores is worth visiting.


How to get to Flores Island

Flores is accessible by any means of transportation. 

  • Nearest International Airport:

    • Bali

    • Jakarta

    • Makassar

  • Domestic Flight Connections (direct flights)

    • Bali (from/to): Labuanbajo, Ende and Maumere​

    • Kupang (from/ to): Larantuka, Maumere, Ende, Bajawa, Ruteng, Labuanbajo

  • Ferry: 

    • Sape (Sumbawa Island) - Labuanbajo (West Flores): daily​

    • Kupang (Timor Island) - Larantuka (East Flores): weekly

    • Waingapu (Sumba Island) - Ende: weekly

    • Bira and Selayar - Maropokot and Labuanbajo: bi-weekly

  • Passenger Ship (PELNI Lines): bi-weekly

    • Makassar​: Larantuka, Maumere, Maropokot (central Flores) and Labuanbajo

  • Travel by Land to Flores Island: Flores Island is wel-connected to Bali and Java through inter-island daily ferry services to be combined with land transport.

Visit, explore and enjoy Flores

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