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Ikat, Tailor made Program


Lesser Sunda Islands are the only place in Indonesia where women still spin cotton manually. Natural dyes are still in use. Women with half indigo blue hands are common to see at some places.  Flores, Lembata, Timor, Alor and Sumba are the chain of Lesser Sunda Islands where traditional Ikat Weaving tradition is still alive.


Ng Sebastian - the owner have been organising Ikat Tour Programs since back in 1988. We can help you organize your trip to visit villages where Ikat Weaving are produced traditionally.


The duration of visit may last from 4 to 14 Days or more, depend on your interest and duration of your vacation.  The villages are located in the off the beaten path Indonesia. Remote yet within reach.


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How to get there

All of the Islands mentioned on the list are accessible by air. There are regular flights to every island.


Some of the Islands like Flores, Timor and Sumba have daily flights connecting the islands with Bali and the rest of Indonesia.


Flores to Lembata is connected by scheduled daily boats.

The villages on the list are accesible by land transportation except the petite islands in Alor (Uma Pura also known as Ternate and Buaya).


Flight connection
Bali is the nearest Internation airport to the destination. 
Places with  typical Ikat



  • Ende

  • Lio

    • Wolotopo

    • Jopu

    • Nggela

  • Ngadha: Langa

  • Sikka

  • Watublapi

  • Lamaholot

    • Lewokluo

    • Kawaliwu



  • Ile Ape

  • Atadei

  • Lamalera



  • Alor Kecil/ Alor Besar

  • Uma Pura

  • Pulau Buaya



  • Baun

  • Kapan

  • Niki - Niki

  • Oelolok



  • Kanantang

  • Mauliru

  • Pau

  • Rende

  • Kaliuda

  • Prailiu

  • Kawangu

Most of the places visited are close to the nearest small town either capitol of the Regencies and/or capitol of the Provinces, The villages are within reach in one day trip.
Most of the hotels are simple accommodation with air conditioned room and ensuite bath.
Travel Tips
  • Always bring an overnight bag on board inter - island flights for at least one day need. Since sometimes the check in luggage may arrive one day later.
  • Don't connect the inter - island flights with international flight in the same day. A one night transit in Bali is advised.
  • Bank Notes: Bali has better exchange rates than on the islands visited. Anyway there are networks of Banls and ATM (automated teller machine)in every capitol towns on the islands.
  • Hat, sun glasses, mosquite repelent, good walking shoes and sun protection lotion are worth to bring along  

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