Makassar in 8 Hours


Makassar has been a home for the seafares and traders since back in the spice trading era. Its strategic location in traditional trading route made Makassar the last biggest kingdom in Indonesia prior to the arrival of colonialsim.

Gowa Kingdom of Makassar was so strong which took 7 years for the Dutch to conquer it. The last Fort of Gowa Kingdom is still standing produly. 

Your Makassar prgram will include the visit to Fort Rotterdam which was renamed after the Dutch takeover. The nex visit it is to take  Pincara ride on Tallo River to reach Lakkang, a Makassar village. to be among the native of Makassar and enjoy local cuisine for your lunch. The last place to visit is Leangleang, pre-historic cave with thousand years old cave wall printing, one among the oldest in the world.

Makassar village
Tallo River - Incito.Vacations
Village experiences
Visit Program in Brief

06:00 Your vessel anchored at the harbour

07:30 Disembark

08:00 Depart to Fort Rotterdam

08:35 Arrive at the fort for the visit

09:30 Drive to Makassar morning market

10:15 Drive to Kerakera, the river harbour to ride Pincara to Lakkang 

11:00 Arrive in Kerakera and take Pincara

11:20 Arrive in Lakkang for the visit and lunch

13:20 leave Lakang for Leangleang

14:30 arrive in Leangleang

15:30 Return to harbour

17:00 Arrive at the harbour

 The package
  • Entrance fee
  • English speaking guide
  • Air conditioned car/ bus
  • Pincara ride - the traditional catamaran 
  • lunch in Lakkang, traditional cuisine
  • Mineral water
Not included in the package
  • Personal expenses
  • any additional charge in Leangleang, if any)
  • Tipping

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