Off the Beaten Path Destinations in Indonesia

It is yours to explore and experience of being at our remote destinations. We will help craft the best possible itineraries for you.

The destinations mentioned here are just some of them. There are lots more places of interests around the list here below. The neighboring islands such as Halmahera, Morotai, Obi and Bacan which are accessible from Ternate as the gateway to North Maluku Islands.

Explore the Extraordinary

Flores is home to various ethnic groups which are almost totally different from one to each other. The ethnic change is almost happen in every 100 km road distance. Hence you meet ifferent house architectures, different traditional textile designs and almost different physical appearance of its people. Flores is a volcanic island which gives the island beautiful nature settings with soaring volcanoes and colourful crater lakes.

Komodo National Park
the New 7 Wonder/ Nature

Komodo is a name of Giant Lizard from the Jusrassic Age which survives the harsh nature selection at the isolated islands on the Lesser Sunda islands at Komodo National Park. The strong current of Sape Strait fence the Komodo Dragons to reach Sumbawa Island on its west side yet the narrow Molo Strait which trenched Rinca Islands naturally drifted some dragons to reach West Ende of Flores Island.

The islands of Komodo National park offers supperb white sandy beaches and marvelous snorkeling and dive spots

The Sacreed Highlands

Hidden in the highlands of Sulawesi Island for centuries, Toraja kept its thousand years old civilisation alive. Being naturally fortified far inland, it takes more than 2 centuries for the colonial adminstration to enter Toraja. Whilst Christianity and other imported religions introduced to Torajans just at the second decade of the 20th century. Hence Toraja made itself exist amidst the simultaneous modern way of life temptations.

The work of Toraja civilisation can be easily seen on the Toraja architectures, daily life and the colourful mortuary related rites.

Explore the K shapped Island of Indonesia

Geologically Sulawesi Island which also known as Celebes in world history - never being part of  either Sunda Shelf in its west or Sahul Shelf in its east. Both Sunda and Sahul Shelf being part of Asia or Australia. But not Sulawesi. It made Sulawesi Island home to many endemic animals which do not exist at any parts of the world. Babirusa, Tarsius Spectrum (the smallest primate in the world) just some to mention.

Culturally, Sulawesi is home to many ethnic groups and The Lost Civilisation in the world can be found in its hinterlands

Sumba Island
The Land of Marapu and Pasola

Sumba is one of the islands in Indonesia which is very late to have contacted to the outside world. Being located far south in the Indonesian archipelago, Sumba was almost neglected by the traders. Yet, the Sandalwood might have lured the sailors to the Island to bring with them trade goods such as Indian Double Ikat and beads. The late interaction with outside world made Marapu - the Sumba Religion even exist until modern times. Marapu plays important role in Sumba daily life.

Ternate & the Spice Islands
A beautiful piece of Land floats on the Blue Sea

Ternate - the Spice Island where the super powers at the Age of Discovery tried hard to gain control on the world's spice trading. It is why now,  one can find various fortress in good condtion standing almost around Ternate Island which are all guarded by the volcano of Mount Gamalama.

Tanjung Puting
Orangutan Natural Sanctuary
Amids the rapid change of the nature sphere in the Indonesian big Islands, Tanjung Puting stand strong to keep its rain forest as home for the Orangutan and other Kalimantan - the Indonesian Borneo - wildlife. To explore Puting is to return to the jungle. Meander black watered rivers, thick rain forest and the jumping Bekantan - the proboscis monkey - in the soaring trees along the river  and of course the presence our closest cousin - the Orangutan - made you realise how beutiful the world is when humans keep the nature natural.


The Native Land of Sandalwood

Timor is a name which written in World History back in the Age of Discovery. Sandalwood made the Iberians and the Dutch set foot on the Island. Yet, the interior of Timor almost have not been touched by the world powers. It makes the native Timor Civilisation alive up to present time. Anthropologically, Timor is where the Melanesian sail back westward - according to some anthropologist

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