Held at the following villages:

  •  February: Homba Kalayo, Waikaniyo 

  • February: Bondo Kawango (big)

  • February: Rarawinyo ( West Coast, big)

  • February: Lamboya (South Coast, Big)

  • March: Maliti Bondo Ate 

  • March: Wai Ha

  • March: Wainyapu (West Coast: big) 

  • March: Wanokaka 


In this breath-taking event each player try use tactics and mostly interacting mockery to each other. They also believe the bloodshed will be an offering to the Mother Earth to have good crop and life throughout the year.

This is a festival on horseback riding held once in a year in  Western part of Sumba island. This Pasola event is preceded by the Nayle Ritual that takes place on a shore nearby and led by Rato - the markup priest at down.

The Pasola word comes from the word SOLA or HOLA which means stick used as a spear to attack the opponent while riding a horse. Hundreds of men riding horses grouped in two attacking each other by turn. Any one could hit by the stick and suffer serious wound or even cost life.


Suggested itinerary

Day 1: Fly from Bali to Waingapu (WGP)

Day 2: Explore Sumba Ikat in East Sumba

Day 3: Waingapu - Western Sumba

Day 4: Pasola Day

Day 5: Fly back to Bali from Tambolaka airport (TMC)

Flights to/ from Sumba Island

  • Bali - Tambolaka vv: Daily by NAM Air and Wings Air

  • Bali - Waingapu vv: Daily by NAM Air and Wings Air

Recomended Accommodation (have swimming facility highlighted in blue)

  • Mario Hotel & Cafe: next to Tambolaka airport
  • Hotel Ella: Waitabula, next to Tambolaka Airport
  • Oro Beach: next to Tambolaka airport
  • Sinar Tambolaka: Waitabula, many rooms (average)

  • Newa Sumba: beautiful white sand beach, next to Tambolaka airport

  • Sumba Nautil: 2 km from the beach in the south coast of western Sumba, 3 nights minimum stay

  • Manandang: in the small town of Waikabubak

  • Lelewatu Resort: south coast of West Sumba

  • Rua Beach Resort: south coast of West Sumba

  • NIHI Resort:  South Coast of West Sumba, High end, one of the best resort in the world. Minimum stay 3 nights.

  • Watukaka Resort:  South Coast of West Sumba, limited room number, 3 nights minimum stay

  • Padadita: Waingapu

  • Elvin: Waingapu

  • Tanto: Waingapu

  • Wera Beach: Waingapu


Explore SUMBA, the Land of Marapu

Sumba is one of the the least explored Island in Indonesia. Just get contact with outside world at the beginning of 20th century. Almost neglected island in the colonial era, hence Sumba genuine religion is preserved well and still plays an important role on the Sumba daily life. 

There are so many traditional villages with the typical Sumba traditional houses.  The huge carved stone tombs and the megaliths are found almost everywhere on the island. 

Sumba is also known for it beautiful handwoven back-strap loom SUMBA IKAT - the tie dye technic colored with natural dyes. It is one of the valuable ethnic collection. To get the comprehensive picture of Sumba, start your exploration by flying to Waingapu and move westward then flight out from Tambolaka airport after enjoying Pasola Festival.

Expand the trip: you may combine your Sumba visit with the following options:

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