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Discover Sumba - the Land of Marapu

Sumba is an island which has least contact with the outside world until the early of 20th century. It made Sumba the biggest island in Indonesia in the number of traditional villages preserved well until present days. Marapu is a belive system which ruled Sumba life.

Fencing Indian Ocean with no volcanic activities, provides Sumba with beautiful white sandy beaches almost in all of its shore lines. Cultural events such as Pasola held regularly every year on the months of February and March. Whilst Eastern part of Sumba women produce one of the most beautiful Ikat handwoven traditional textiles in the world. 

Travel information


  • Duration: 5 Days

  • Start/ End: Tambolaka or Waingapu

  • Departure: Daily

  • Minimum participant/s: 1 person

  • Best visit Period: March to Mid of November

  • Good to visit: last weeks of November till Mid of December

  • Pasola events: 7 days after full moon in February and March (yet the definite schedule have to be verified on January)

Summary of the visit program

Day 1  Fly to Waingapu/ Tambolaka

Day 2  Visit Sumba Ikat Weaving villages

Day 3  Eplore Sumba villages

Day 4 Trek the villages

Day 5  Fly to the next destination



How to get there:

  • Fly from you country to either Denpasar/ Bali or Jakarta

  • Then Fly from Bali or Jakarta to Labuanbajo on Flores Island then drive eastward to reach Denge, the starting point for your Waerebo Trekking.

Travel Packages

Travel Package Inclusions:

  • Private Land transport

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • English speaking guide

  • visits as programmed

  • Mineral water during the day time movements


Travel Tips/ What to prepare

  • Sun cream/ sun block

  • walking shoes/ sandals

  • sunglasses

  • Mosquito cream

  • Dress properly as you might get chance to attend cultural events during the visit

Customize My Trip


Customized Package Inclusions:


  • The trip package ''Discover Sumba'' with the opportunity to choose or change different components of the trip

  • Enjoy a journey completely customized to your personal interests and wishes

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