Viyi at Tangkoko Nature Reserve

Incito.Vacations on Sustainability

Do not defecate in the creek or the smoke from the hearth will always slap your face.

   Our local values teach us to always behave well even to the nature to ensure the comfortable life. Religion, modern ethics and law came later, yet our local wisdom is the first dictionary to consult with.

   Being native to ethnics in Indonesia life is not for ourselves but for the well-being of our socieity and the universe. Like harvesting honey in the forest, take just what you need and leave something for the bee colony, then you can have the harvest at the next season.

  "Neka sut kurung, moto ita watu" don't burn the meadow or the stones will be exposed. Social harmony is the most, one's minuses to keep them on your mind only.

   In tourism practices we honour our clients needs yet to "tunnel" them in right way. To give them genuine experiences and respect local values. In turn it will preserve local custom and give economic impact to the destination. 

   Our team is like member of a family. Everyone deserve to get on what she or he have done.

Key issues

  • Daily operation

    • Electricity: turn off unnescassary office lamps whenever natural light is enough. 

    • Water use: we use portable water purification for our drinking water.

    • Print only if really needed. For years now we don't print our invoices and brochures.

    • Waste management: separate waste according to the type

  • Tour operation

    • Use local agricultural product as priority

    • Persuade our clients to refill drinking water

    • No plastic shopping bags

  • Community

    • Respect local communities and its cultural values

    • Promote the participation of local community at the destiantion in providing the services needed by our clients

    • Encourage our clients to purchase locally produced souvenhirs

  • Environment

    • Take part in any environment friendly activities

    • Ensure that all of our tour and visit activities make no negative impact to the nature

  • We work only with suppliers who are aware with sustainability issues

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