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Explore Ternate and the Spice Islands

Ternate is and Island which help shaped the world history. It was the spice which lured European in the Age of Discovery to sail the unknown seas to reach places where the spices grow. Portuguese first arrived in Ternate by 1512. Then followed by the Spanish and the Dutch.

The footprints of the Age of Discovery are easily found and seen in Ternate and the neighboring island of Tidore. Forts and citadels of Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch are standing at various places on the islands. Many of them are in good condition.

The nature of Maluku Islands made Briton Naturalist, Alfred Russel Wallace stationed in Ternate from 1858 to 1861, from where he wrote his Famous Ternate Essay on Evolution by Natural Selection to Charles Darwin. To help formed the theory of Evolution by Natural Selection which made famous by Charles Darwin.

The Standard Wings of Paradise which is written on The Malay Archipelago of Alfred Russel Wallace is easily seen nowadays at the rain forest of Halmahera Island. Plung into the waters of Maluku islands you may encounter the Walking Shark together with beautiful underwater garden.

The 6 days program gives you chances to trace the footprints of The Age of Discovery and to admire the nature of Ternate and Maluku islands.

Travel information

  • Duration: 6 Days

  • Start/ End: Ternate Airport

  • Departure: Daily

  • Minimum participant/s: 1 person

  • Period of visit: any time on the year


Summary of the visit program


Day 1: Arrival Ternate the Island which known since the early Ages of Discovery where the Iberians and the Dutch tried to take control of Spice trading right from where the spices grow. Take sightseeing on this tiny beautiful Island


Day 2: Visit Tidore Island where the Spanish once take stronghold control over the island. Return to Ternate for lunch and afternoon take around the island sightseeing for the spices such ads clove and nutmegs. Late afternoon enjoy one of the most sceanic view in the country


Day 3: Visit Gamalama market of Ternate and then transfer to harbour to take speedboat to Halmahera Island to continue by car to reach Weda Resort


Day 4: Free program


Day 5: Take and easy bird watching trip where hundreds of birds just next your head singing and flying. 


Day 6: Return to Ternate to take your flight back home or the the next destination

How to get there:

  • Fly from you country to one of the following International Airports:

    • Manado, the nearest, at the moment has direct flights from Singapore, 4 times a week)

    • Makassar, at the moment have direct flights from/to Kuala Lumpur, 4 times a week

    • Bali/ Denpasar

    • Jakarta

  • Then fly from international airports to Ternate

Travel Packages

Travel Package Inclusions:

  • Airport and harbour transfers

  • 3 Nights hotel accommodation at a hotel in Ternate

  • 3 nights accommodation at Weda Reef and Rainforest Resort

  • Full board meals

  • English Speaking Guide

  • Entrance fees

  • Boat trips (Tidore visit)

  • Land transport

Travel Tips/ What to prepare:

  • Sun cream/ sun block

  • Walking shoes/ sandals

  • Jungle hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Beach enjoying accessories

  • Binoculars

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Customized Package Inclusions:


  • The travel package ''Explore Ternate & Moluccas'' with the opportunity to choose or change different components of the trip

  • Enjoy a journey completely customized to your personal interests and wishes

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