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The best of Makassar

tradition and heritage of the city

Explore the best of Makassar where the history, tradition and the prehistoric heritage blend. 

Visit Makassar wether you are on your shore excursions Indonesia or to be included on your Customised Tour Package Indonesia. 


Makassar is one of the bustling cities of modern Indonesia  with a history written since long time ago. Yet it is just a short distance to the world class pre-historic sites nest in the caves and soaring karst towers. Recent studies shows that the pre - historic cave wall paintings at the neighborhood of Makassar are among the oldest in the world.

During your stay you will explore the historical sites of Makassar such as Fort Rotterdam, the fort got its name in the colonial era to replace the former name Benteng Panyua or turtle fort built by Gowa Kingdom of Makassar. It took 7 years for the Dutch to conquer. 

Makassar also known for its culinary. You can change menu in every two hours in Makassar. Despite its growing to modern city, Makassar keeps its old tradition alive. There is  village within the city of Makassar with no road access but river transport only.



Travel information

  • Duration: 4 Days

  • Start/ End: Makassar

  • Departure: Daily

  • Minimum participant/s: 1 person

  • Period of visit: old year round but January and February are the peak of rainy season.


Summary of the visit program


Day 1: Arrival Makassar


Day 2 and 3: Visit the places of Interest within the city and its neighborhood included: Fort Rotterdam, Paotere - the wooden boat harbor, Somba Opu - the former mother fort with relics of Fort wall and traditional houses of the ethnic group in the province, Visit Makassar village by river transport, Leang - leang - the prehistoric cave will cave wall painting and Ramang - ramang with its karst towers.

There are chances to enjoy local cuisine and delicacies


Day 4: Transfer to the airport

How to get there:

  • There are international direct flights to/ from Makassar to connect with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

  • Makassar is accessible by direct daily flights to most of towns and cities in Indonesia

  • PELNI lines have regular services connecting Makassar to many harbors in Idonesia

Travel Packages

Travel Package Inclusions:

  • Private coach

  • 3 Nights hotel accommodation in Makassar

  • 2 lunch and 2 dinner

  • English Speaking Guide

  • Entrance fees

  • Tour and transfers

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Customized Package Inclusions:


  • The travel package ''The best of Makassar'' with the opportunity to choose or change different components of the trip

  • Enjoy a journey completely customized to your personal interests and wishes

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