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TORAJA - the Sacred Highlands


Toraja is hidden in the misty mountains of interior Sulawesi, hence it takes time for the outside world to get contact with Toraja. Colonial Dutch administration get through to Toraja just at the second decade of the twentieth century. Followed by Christianity to introduce Western education and civilization.


Aluk Todolo - the Toraja's genuine "religion" coincidently goes along with Christianity concept of life after death, sacrifice, and many more. It made Christianity got the root quite easily in Toraja. Instead of introducing foreign concept of God, the missionaries adopt the concept of Puang Matua - Toraja's Supreme Being.

The established Toraja civilization provides its people with enough strength to face modern life. It is the reason why the centuries old Toraja tradition survives foreign influence. Genuine Toraja architecture, pattern and designs and way of live together with colorful mortuary rites are alive in modern Toraja life today.

Toraja is one of very few Genuine Indonesia Civilization which has almost no direct influence of world's civilization like China, India, Moslem and Europe. Toraja Civilization grow on its own concept of everything. 


How to get to Toraja

Toraja is accessible through Makassar, the gateway of Sulawesi Island. There are direct International flights connecting to international hubs

  • SINGAPORE: Singapore Airlines fly to/from Makassar in 4 times a week schedule

  • KUALA LUMPUR: AirAsia fly to/from Makassar in 4 times a week schedule


Or you may fly to Makassar from almost any bif towns and cities of Indonesia, like Jakarta, Denpasar/ Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan etc.

Now you can fly to Toraja! There are two air strips, fly by propeller aircrafts. You either fly directly to Pongtiku airport in Toraja or to Bua airport in Palopo and then drive another 2 hours to Toraja. Fly first to Makassar.

Land Transport: Toraja is accessible by road either from south or north. Main roads are smooth paved. There are regular public bus services from Makassar and other major towns on the island.

Travel within Toraja: there are public transports between towns within Toraja and to sub districts.

Hire vehicle in Toraja: you may hire car or motorbike. Rent bike is available especially in Rantepao.

Where to Stay in Toraja: Toraja has been a destination for adventourous  travelers since 1970s hence there are hotels, lodges and even you can experience a village stay to experience the real life of Toraja.

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